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What is Grassroots?

Legislation can be tremendously impactful to credit unions or at least affect our business on many different levels, depending on the nature of the legislation. This is true at both the state and federal levels. Legislative activities must be not only monitored, but also influenced to ensure credit unions are not adversely affected. Just as importantly, the legislative chambers hold opportunities to create laws that positively affect credit unions.

In order to continue to keep the credit union industry healthy we are obligated to seek to influence the composition or fate of state and federal legislation that could be potentially impactful to our industry.

Legislators make the ultimate decision on legislation, so we must focus on them to seek our preferred course of action.

Credit union employees and advocates wield one of the forces most influential on legislators – votes.

The League’s Grassroots Action Network encourages you to help ensure the future of credit unions -- which is your future, too -- by investing some degree of your political power in credit union legislative and regulatory goals.

What is our Grassroots Objective?

The objective of the Credit Union Grassroots Network is to utilize the potential power that credit union employees and members have as voters to influence legislators’ actions at times crucial to the credit union industry.

You have to ways to become involved in the Grassroots Network:

•You can be an active Grassroots Participant by simply responding to Grassroots alerts on both the state and federal levels. There is no additional action required to be involved at this level, other than responding to Grassroots alerts.

•Your involvement can be as an active Grassroots Network member. If you are an active participant in the network you will be asked to make timely contacts with legislators in order to establish rapport and long-term relationships.

Please consider becoming an active Grassroots Network member if you:

• Are willing to become acquainted with a legislator, and make contacts with this person
• Already have a personal acquaintance or good relationship with one or more of your legislative representatives.
• Understand, or are willing to learn about legislative issues important to credit unions.
• If you have an interest in the political process and how government works.

We must do all we can to participate in the legislative decision-making process and protect our future.

I encourage you to consider becoming a part of the Credit Union Grassroots Network. However, if being an active member is too much of a commitment, you can still help by simply responding to action alerts. Your level of participation is your choice but I encourage you to please consider becoming involved in one of the two ways.




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